How Often Should Bloggers Post

10 Oct

When I started this blog I struggled with post ideas, not sure how much to post, not sure what lengths my blog post should be, worried about stats…And I realized I’ve done blog posts on a lot of those ideas, but not frequency of posting. So I decided to make [ ] Related posts: 6 Steps To Writing a Good Blog Post How to End a Blog Post How to Start a Blog Post


How Much Time and Money You Need to Invest Before You Will See The Return?

7 Oct

Now this is a big question and the one which most people do not answer, as they are so excited about the SUPER KEYWORD they found. A while ago I created a blog post for you, where I was talking about the top online resources every online marketer ought to [ ] Related posts: 4 Email Marketing Tips For Best Return On Investment Simple and Easy Money Making Ideas You Can Do After Work How to Start A Blog For Money

What Will Be Your Competitive Advantage When it Comes to Sales?

6 Oct

This is a critical question for your success with this business. You need to develop some unique style, which can separate you from your competition. It is not enough to order some cheap content, publish it on your website with a hope that this will make a sale. It never [ ] Related posts: What Kind of Products Can I Sell? Who Is Your Ideal Customer? What is Your Biggest Competition?

What is Your Biggest Competition?

5 Oct

One of the best ways to find out who they are, is to go to Google and check out first 10-20 websites for at least top 5 keywords. You need to collect those websites in one file, so that you can gather data like – keywords which they use, [ ] Related posts: What Kind of Products Can I Sell? What Is The Goal of Your Business How Big is The Market For Your Product?

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

4 Oct

Welcome to part 4,where we talk about your ideal customer. It is crazy to recognize how many people are marketing online without knowing who their target audience is.In order to help you with that check out this article by Brian Tracey Determining Your Ideal Customer. In case you missed the last [ ] Related posts: What Kind of Products Can I Sell? How Big is The Market For Your Product? What Is The Goal of Your Business

Join The Expert Blogging Pinterest Group Board

3 Oct

Hi all, I’m just writing this today, because I wanted to personally invite you all to join the Expert Blogging Pinterest Group Board, where only the best is good enough. Now, I’ve been rattling on before about how I’m enjoying Pinterest, and how you should get involved too, but I had [ ] Related posts: Who is Vick Strizheus and What is The Four Percent Group? How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website Want to Know How to Make Money Blogging?Then Read These 5 Ingenious Strategies

How Big is The Market For Your Product?

3 Oct

Your first time here?This is part 3 of 8 of blogging 101.Read: Part 1 here Part 2 here This is one of the most important questions when it comes to marketing online, and it can be defined as this – you need to know exactly how many people are searching [ ] Related posts: How to End a Blog Post What Kind of Products Can I Sell? What Is The Goal of Your Business